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Zoe moved away ~this mile stone changed my life, for I still remember the cloudy day that Zoes mom came to the door to pick her up and told my mom that they would being going to Halifax and she would never come back. I did not even think I thought she could never leave…. But she did.

Starting to cook~ I remember the first egg I cracked, the first swirl of sweet eggy goodness that can from the cast iron pan and the first savory and salty bite that was fallowed by my toast. Just then I knew I want to become a chef. To feel like I belonged again, in my kitchen.

Vancouver ~still in love with cooking me and my family went to my uncles restaurant the narrow. Knowing how much I loved cooking he asked me to help him cook in his kitchen. Oh how it sparkled top to bottom with stainless steal. Yes, this was my dream!!!!That day I was the happiest I have ever been.

Grad~ as me and my fellow classmates walked down the halls of good shepherd to gym our hearts were filled with happiness and butterflies. Walking thought the over colored gym with most of the projects we did over the years on the walls. I had graduated grade six, on to junior high!!!!

U of A~I can just smell the new books on the shelves of the huge library. The quiet sounds of the student studying. Well of coarse the sound of the book pages flipping and the librarian shhhing everyone. Yes u of a this is what its made of.

Travel~Going to Paris, Greece, Germany, Croatia, Italy and then India. Sweet!!!All this for cooking .Mmmmmmm
Top chef ~to win is the greatest pleasure and to be on the food network board. Having the #1 restaurant in Canada!!!Wowwww!!I can feel the hope, the struggle and the great experiences.

Married~ Do you here that? There wedding bells. The hall is decorated in sea colors and the food wow.

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