George Orwell
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Mrs. Jensen
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December 16, 2007
George Orwell’s life
Eric Blair or better known as George Orwell had an interesting life. He’s child hood was crazy with all the moving and not seeing his father that much. He was a well-educated man but some said once he got to a college they accused him of having disrespect for his professors. In he’s civil service first he was a policemen and the stopped to learn that he hated imperialism. And he wrote a lot of books like animal farm and 1984.

He was born in 1903 in Motihari, Bengal that was one of the British colonies in India. His father worked for an opium department of the civil service. His mother took him, his younger sister and his older sister to England when he was one year of age. When he was five years old he was sent to a small Anglican parish school in Henley.

He was well educated and he got three scholarship offers one from sty. Cyprians another from Wellington and the last one was from Eton. First he went to st. Cyprians for many years but had a resentment in the essay “such, such were the joys”. After he went to Wellington for at least a term but then moved to Eton. At Eton he was a king’s scholar later he wrote “relatively unhappy”. Which allowed it student’s considerable independence. At Eton he was known as a poor student and disrespectful about there authority. While he was at Eton he also meet some future British intellectuals.

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After his education he decided to join the Indian imperial police in Burma.
After he decided to quit because he didn’t

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