Children and Teens
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Children and teens are always either being pressured, or trying o fit in with a certain group. If the peers are not trying to pressure adolescents to have sex, peers are pressuring some to do drugs, or even worse both. The reasons such as the interactions with parents are also said to be the blame because the adolescent may be trying to get attention from the parents. Another factor in drug dependency is one having bad experiences during childhood.

When going through a patients history, physical and emotional abuse maybe the cause of someone living such a reckless life. Children who are molested and abused often times grow up having problems with drugs use. These children grow up and have new experiences with drugs, and realize how the drug product gives such a good feeling and takes away pain. When teens get to college can prove to be even worse time for the teen.

More often than some can imagine children are given alcohol by the parents. Aldridge, Measham, and Williams (2011) found that in the UK alcohol is legal as long as the age is above the age of 5. Therefore it is okay to say that these children should see nothing wrong with doing drugs, because the adults okay it. These children may never have a chance at leading a normal life with about being dependent on illicit substances.

One of the most popular drugs amongst the younger generation is the alcohol, and marijuana. Maybe the two substances are so popular among the younger generation for recreational or social use is because it is easier to get to. However, this doesnt seem to matter because the need to move to something more powerful and stronger will follow. Marijuana, chemical name Cannabis Sativa, was founded by Alan, Marlalt, Roffman, and Stephens (2006) to be the leading illicit drugs found in young adults during and emergency room visit, after a car wreck, on autopsies, whenever being arrested, and when assessing someone for treatment.

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