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Jessie is a young girl with long, blond hair. She has many talents which include smartness, bravery, and a focused mind. Why does she have these talents? I will explain.

Jessie is a young lady that lived in Clifton Village during the 1840s. Due to a wave diphtheria in the village her mother told her it was actually 1996. To find a cure she had to call Mr. Nelson. She was brave to go to an area she had never experienced. For a young girl that is very dangerous. She could have interpreted things differently and went to the wrong area. She also showed bravery when she climbed down the apartment building. This too is dangerous for she might have lost her footing and fell. Worse yet, she could have been caught.

Jessie showed her smartness all throughout the story. She first showed it when she went on the tour. It was smart for her to not comment on pictures and remarks made by others. Sometimes it is smart to close your mouth. She again showed smartness to dump the water she was offered by Mr. Nelson. If somebody is not in or closely related to your family do not trust them. Thinking before acting is vital for survival.

Would you be able to focus on your assignment if you were in an unfamiliar area? Well, Jessie showed us that ability to stay focused everywhere in the book. There were many places where she could explore, such as Indianapolis. Many people would have been distracted but Jessie was focused. However there are times were we should explore our surroundings. Most of her determination came from wanting to save her family and friends from this disease.

Jessie is a young lady who saved her village through her talents which included smartness, bravery, and a focused mind.

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