People Have BeCome Overly Dependent on Technology – Essay – Josh Gordge
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People Have BeCome Overly Dependent on Technology
Persuasive essay
People have become overly dependent on technology.
Over the past fifty years technology has undergone massive improvements and has become more reliable. The human population have become more dependent on technological advancements to run their business or to make life easier. The way of life has become easier with the use of technology but there are issues with the next generation becoming overly dependent on technology in their lives. The smartphone is a huge issue, with the young generation always feeling the need to use for updates and having it on them at all times. Some have trouble being separated from their technology and can’t continue their life without it. There is also the perception that technology is the best, and old methods are the past and are being phased out with the supposedly better methods.

The younger generation have come into a technologically dominate society and have adopted the new technology. The smartphone has become one of the greatest technological developments in the past twenty years as people can shop, socialize, listen to music, watch movies, browse the internet and play games from a device the size of the human hand. The younger generation have embraced this smartphone technology and are becoming overly dependent on its importance. Some always have their smartphone and have developed a compulsive need to check Facebook and provide updates of every detail of their lives. Some have allowed their technology to become part of their personality and base their self-worth on whether they obtain a sufficient amount of views or likes for their statuses they place on social media. Also with the constant use of the smartphone, teenagers are using them during school time, which in turn is affecting their learning and development. Students are missing important lesson time which is affecting their schooling performance. Studies have been conducted that show that people who use the smartphones more regularly struggle academically and have difficulties with concentration.

It’s not only younger people who rely heavily on technology, but the general population as well. Years ago people looked to socialize and play games as a form of entertainment. Around fifty years ago the television was only owned by the wealthy, but in the current society the television is a part of the typical household. It has also become the primary source of entertainment for a large quantity of people. People have become heavily reliant on the television for entertainment, news updates and a general pass time. This has caused people to become less active, sociable and less interested in interactive games. Also reading was a good pass time which got people into interesting worlds and aided their language and reading skills. Reading has significantly reduced since people find the visuals of the television more entertaining than reading which takes time, but is more beneficial to important literacy skills. The television has enticed people to remain indoors to watch sporting events, shows and movies as opposed to socializing or going out to watch sporting events live. It is an issue with people watching too much television but the future generation is also falling into the same trend and childhood obesity can be linked back to over dependence on television, which is becoming an increasing issue in Australia and first world countries.

There is the perception that technology is the best way forward and that old ways are out of fashion. In reality technology has its flaws and is not always the best way forward. In schools, teaching is becoming digitally reliant. Computers and internet has become a necessity and students have based their work and learning on technological advancements. There has been decline’s in writing and spelling in Australian schools. The amount of hand written work has significantly

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