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Tying Your Shoes
Essay Preview: Tying Your Shoes
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Directions: Imagine that you have been asked to teach a young child how to tie their shoes. How would you introduce and structure the learning activity as a:

From the start, I would have the child tell me what they see when they look at a shoe. I would ask them to compare their shoe to something in their everyday life. After discussing that, I would then tell the child that to me a shoe is like a present that needs to be wrapped with ribbon. I would then slowly show them how to tie a shoe and tell them that after each time that they can successfully tie their shoe, I would give them some type of reward. I would then go through the process much slower, breaking it down into steps and compare each step to wrapping the ribbon around a present. After I did one step, I would have the child show me they knew how to do it and I would make them repeat it a few times to ensure that they fully knew how to do that step. After one step, I would have them combine the steps to ensure that they really knew each step. When all the steps were complete, I would have them show me how to tie a shoe. Whenever they would make a mistake, I would tell them everything was okay and I would have them walk me through the steps, correcting them when they would make mistakes. Whenever they would complete the task, I would give them a reward.

At the beginning, I would ask the child to tell me what they already know about tying shoes. After they finished telling me, I would ask them to tell me how they think the process might be for tying a shoe. After that, I would show the child each step to tying their shoe and I would explain how and what I was doing. After each step, I would have the child think through that step, and show and tell me what they were doing. I would have them do each step this way, and when they were finished, I would ask them what their thoughts were about tying a shoe. I would also have them explain the process to me, to ensure that they paid close attention and to ensure that they recalled everything just taught to them.

For this theory, I would

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