Holloween Vs. Prom Case
Essay Preview: Holloween Vs. Prom Case
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15 October 2004
Halloween vs. Prom
Growing up you might have either looked forward to prom or Halloween night. For kids and even some adults, Halloween night is much anticipated all year to get out and be someone you are not. Prom, mainly for girls, is also much anticipated for a night of extravagant clothes, celebrating, and partying with your closest friends from high school. Both nights are very different, but in some ways are also very similar which can further help us understand the culture of the American people.

As a young child you most likely grew up loving the thought of dressing up as a princess or a vampire and knocking on your neighbors door to receive a pillow case full of candy and treats. All day at school you stare at the clock and cant wait to arrive back at home to get ready. You talk to all of your friends and find out who they are going to dress up as. When you finally get back home you get to put on the costume that you picked out with your parents and show everyone who you were that year. Depending on the costume you might also have makeup to put on in order to complete the look you were going for. Once you are ready your parents always want to take pictures so everyone can look back at all the memories that took place that night.

After your years of dressing up and being either some character in a movie or your favorite superhero, you move on to a new type of Halloween for older kids. Prom can be either something you looked forward to every year of high school or that dreaded night of wondering if you will have a date. On the day of prom you spend most of the day with your best friends talking about what you will wear that night and who you are taking to the dance. The girls all dress up in beautiful dresses that they normally dont get to wear and put on more makeup than some of them probably need to. Once you are all ready to go out, you get to ride in a long limo to the fanciest restaurant in town. Before the dance starts everyone arrives at some magnificent view so that you can all take pictures.

Its finally dark out and you can leave the house and make your way to the first door and collect more candy than you have teeth to chew. Some houses have you telling jokes,

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