My Christian Life
Essay title: My Christian Life
My Christian Life has been “pleasurable pain” (I will explain what that refers to in detail later). I was born on June 9, 1984. I was blessed to be in a family of Christian. Therefore, I was destined to become a true follower of Christ. I was baptized on August 12 of that year at St. Rose De Lima. Most people say that from the moment I was blessed, I became a disciple of Jesus, a light bearer, but I believe I was a disciple for my Lord and Savior the moment I was born. I was conceived into a Christian family with a strong Christian background. I thank the Lord to this day for blessing me as He did.

As it was when I was born and still to this day, I was brought to Church every Sunday. As an infant and a child, I did not understand the true meaning of this. I thought it was just a day I was force to wear “uncomfortable” clothes and told to be quite (even though I rarely did). I was like most other children, as are some teenagers, I did not want to go to Church. I would run, play sick or try to do anything I could to not attend Church. For this misunderstanding, I only can credit that to my ignorance of my faith. If you were not dying in my house you was presumed to go to Church even if you was not apart on our family. I remember one instance when I slept by a friend’s house and his family, unfortunately, was not a regular participant in Church (I think I knew this). My mother came and picked me up that morning to go to Church. I remember this moment in my life because it showed how strong my family was and will always be in Faith.

As me being a Christian, I was taught in a Catholic School. I attended St. Leo the Great Elementary. There, I learned a broad description of my faith and why my faith entitled me to do and act a certain way. I receive my Holy Communion when I was in First Grade I believe. Even then, I did not really understand the true concept of what I embarked on. For this reason, I “kind of” go against receiving certain sacraments at a young age. Age is a vital part in the strength of our beliefs (a younger person may be weaker than an older one). How many young Christians “really” understand what they are doing or even saying? If a person does not understand what they are taking apart of, then why should they be included. Today, a person is read their rights and asked at the end, do you understand all of things that were being said. I believe that a person’s faith is more important than their rights as many other believers do. So if this belief is true and real, than why should we not consider this belief?

As my faith grew, I also grew in reason and age. I began to understand and really listen to what I was saying and hearing. I began to slowly recite my prayers and get a true concept of what they meant. As I move on in age I began to feel left out in Church. So I participated in the choir. This decision was one of or the most spiritual movement I could ever had done. I had a close relationship with music, as I do now. I participated in my elementary schools’ band. The interest in music was evident. When I join the choir, I felt lifted. I felt I was truly contributing to the mass and giving praise to our lord. I loved to go to choir practice. I could not sing that well but I could give my devotion and heart to the lord. I think at that age I developed an opinion what most black people develop about church music, which is a need to feel moved or lifted. I am not criticizing people who can listen to bells and chanting like music but me, personally, I need to hear a song that I can relate to. A song that understands my cry and heals it; a song that gives me the strength to go on in this cruel world. I loved to see the expressions on people’s face while I sang. I understood that they were hurting spiritually and felt healed once they heard a young youth choir express their love for the Savior. Once I left St. Leo, I never joined another choir. I do miss the feeling I received when I sang. I think I get the same pleasure when I play my horn. I receive the same gratitude from people when I play.

Later in life I then became a young “Purple Knight.” I was in 8th grade when I came to St. Augustine High School. This step from elementary to high school was a big one in my faith. I was encountered with all types of people with all types of backgrounds and all different faiths. This became a challenge to me. I would hear how other people would talk about their beliefs and how they would come to criticize mine. This is why I am glad that I made my confirmation in 8th grade. I think who ever decides on the time a catholic receives a certain sacrament could not be any more perfect than it is now. Confirmation is a sacrament when you confirm your belief and declare it proudly because you understand it. Being a new person in a new environment is not easy. Confirmation easies that stage of doubt and helps you reassure your faith.

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