Will There Ever Be Peace?
Andrew KimRELS 332-02-3598Research Paper #4Will There Ever be Peace?There is a big void between the brothers and sisters of Palestine and Israel. Peace – Undoubtedly not in the near future. Perhaps peace can be ascertained between the two in a lifetime, but the odds are against it. The odds to consider, is the difference of religion, the history between the two, and politics in the region. But there was always hope and perhaps that there is still hope for certain peace.The former and late Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin and late Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) leader, Yasir Arafat gave the last hope for peace between the Palestinians and Israelites. According to the article, “The Assassination That Killed Peace in Israel.” The New Yorker. “Rabin showed every intention of trying to forge a broader peace that would have included ceding most of the occupied territories to the Palestinians, and probably would have resulted in the establishment of an independent state.” (Filkins, Dexter). But with Rabin’s assassination, hope of establishing a reformation and peace in the region was all but deserted. His attempt to establish peace between Palestine and Israel was the closest attempt for peace since the establishment of Israel in 1948. And with the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it appears that there will be no change. “Twenty years later, Netanyahu is into his fourth term, and the kind of peace that Rabin envisaged seems more distant than ever.” (Filkins, Dexter). The process will be difficult to resolve. The history of conflicts and beliefs between Arabs and Jews runs deep.

The two sides share a history. And because of this history, resolution for peace will have its difficulties. There is no question that there are similarities and differences between Islam and Judaism. The Jews and the Muslims share the same god and even some of the same prophets excluding Jesus and Muhammad. -(

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