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Being patriotic shows devoted love, support, and defense for all people. Its a national loyalty that brings everybody together to stand up for the thoughts and beliefs we have fought for in our country for many years. Speaking out when a person feels the country is right or wrong, voting, and respecting others are some examples of being patriotic. I personally feel that without patriotism for the country, people wouldnt stand united together, there wouldnt be any unity, help, or support in tough times or crises.

At times in our countrys past, there has been many unpatriotic acts. For many years slavery was one of those unpatriotic acts. In my opinion it was a way for rich people to think about their own needs and disregard respect for African Americans, Indians, and in some cases white people. For many, many years slavery was legal and it gave the right to put a price on over four million men and women through out the country. Some slaves were not willing or had reasons to become fugitives in order to get away from that kind of mistreatment. As well many people were against slavery and assisted slaves to become free by sneaking them around on the underground railroad.

Slavery was a major issue leading up to the American civil war. After the war slavery was made illegal through out the United States and the thirteenth amendment was created to allow slaves to be free. I think that bringing an end to slavery was a huge mile stone in history that made patriotism stronger in the hearts of many.

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Slavery wasnt the only unpatriotic act committed in our country. For many years women didnt have the right to vote. Making it impossible for our thoughts and voices to be heard. A defense for all was set aside and women everywhere had to stand up and fight for these rights. The beginning of these fights was dated back to 1848 in Seneca Falls New York at a womans rights convention. In 1852 Susan B Anthony joined the fight arguing the right woman above many others, was the right of suffrage. By 1900 women had started progressing in the right to vote and was allowed to vote in four different states. On June fourth 1919 the nineteenth amendment was passed allowing women to vote anywhere in the United States regardless of our sex. It took seventy years for the nineteenth amendment to come into act and allow the voices of women to be heard. I think it isnt just men who support this country and defend it so it was only right women be involved in the voting right as well.

Without patriotism Americans wouldnt stand united. We would be divided and fall. 09/11/2001 is one of the examples of patriotism and how are country

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