Why People Live in Tectonic Zones?
Why People Live in Tectonic Zones?
For millions of years people have lived in areas where two different plates meet. In theses types of areas it is very common for earthquakes to happen and for volcanoes to form. So why if these are such dangerous places to live do people continue to settle here?

One reason may be that people believe that the types of natural disasters that are possible will never affect them in their lifetime. It is impossible to tell when a plate movement will occur. Some people are willing to take the chance that there will be no problems will occur during their lifetime while others prefer to live in safer places.

Also many people who have lived and grown up in such areas prefer to stay where they are and where their past is.
If there is a volcano present at the site of the tectonic zone people may choose to stay because after the volcano has erupted there is very fertile soil allowing almost anything to be grown. Volcanoes also bring good tourism to places allowing people to make

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