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Mr. Johnathon
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Jonathan was interested in skating at the age of seven, but did not take skating lessons until a year later. When Jonathan was six, he kept asking his dad to buy him a pair of roller blade so that he could try it out in his front yard. His parents, especially, his dad, who has always thought that Jonathan would have never asked him to buy such thing, because he was known to be a very quite, shy, and not an aggressive little boy, who would not like to play this kind of sport. For this reason, his parents were not taken his wish seriously. After second and third times pushing his dad to buy him a pair of inline roller blade, Jonathan got what he had been wishing for. For a year trying and playing with his roller blade, his dad took him and his cousin to a local ice rink, about twenty minutes from their house, to try out ice skating. Jonathan liked it right away. After taking a few group lessons of skating, his parents put him in private lessons to smooth out a one new skill that he could not get it in group lessons, which was the forward cross over. Ever since, Jonathan skated like crazy. As a result, Jonathan got a GOLD medal for his ever first compulsory competition within his home club, Washington Figure Skating Club (WFSC). During his middle school, Jonathan and his sister, Melissa, skated in pair for his parents to watch. They have also performed a few times in pair for Christmas shows in Bowie, Maryland and Rockefeler in New York City. After a few years in skating, the coach has advised Jonathan to join ballet class to help out his artistic in skating. After trying the ballet class for two years, Jonathan has come to a conclusion that figure skating is not for him. Therefore Jonathan decided to quit ice skating at the end of summer 2000. Beside skating, Jonathan was also taking karate once a week for several years. Jonathan stopped taking karate when his coach decided to move out of town. In September 2000, Jonathan joined Rockville Montgomery Swim Club (RMSC) as senior level and swims three times per week as body exercise in order to build up his muscles. He also joined his Quince Orchard high school (QOHS) swimming team and participated in high school meets every year during his high school years. Jonathan has been an honor roll student off and on during his twelve years of school. In his last year of high school, Jonathan has been trying to keep the GPA as 4.0 for his senior year, since he has realized that GPA is so important for applying to colleges.

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