Proposed Desert Bar in Baltimore
The proposed dessert bar will make a profit by providing a service that is not provided in the Baltimore area. The desserts being sold will be made fresh in the restaurant on a daily basis. The restaurant will offer both deserts to eat in the restaurant and orders for delivery. The delivery orders would either be phoned in or ordered through a company website.

Once we have decided to open the restaurant the first thing that we would need to acquire would be the proper permits for the food and the alcohol. According to the state of Maryland web site it takes an average of twenty one days for the State to review the facility plans and approve a permit. Next we would have to register our business names and establish our tax accounts with the state. This will allow the restaurant to withhold employee income for taxes and make the necessary matching contributions to Medicare and Social Security. The estimated costs for all of the permits and the cost of registering our business would be approximately two thousand dollars.

The first objective in beginning our business would be locating a building to lease or rent. To limit our startup cost we would need to find a building that is already equipped for a restaurant. In the Baltimore region finding a restaurant pad for approximately fifteen dollars a square foot per year should be reasonable. The restaurant should be around one thousand square feet in size. This would allow for a kitchen, a bar and several tables for patrons. When the weather permits desserts could also be offered outside with tables on the sidewalk. When negotiating the lease it will be important to specifically define some of the language in it. The yearly rent escalators would have to be clearly stated in the lease. It would be best to sign a ten year lease with one year options that we would hold which would allow us to get out of the lease incase we want to dissolve the company. We would also want to make sure that the lease stays with the property in case the building is sold.

Once the lease is in place, redecorating the restaurant would be a top priority. The estimated costs to redecorate would be approximately five thousand dollars. This should allow new paint, moldings and decorations around the restaurant. It would be imperative to get this done in a timely fashion because we would be paying for the lease. Furnishing the restaurant would need to begin as soon as possible. It would take an estimated three thousand dollars to buy the tables, chairs and barstools for the restaurant. Since the building is equipped with a kitchen the main other piece of equipment to buy would be coffee machines. The investment on these machines would probably be around six hundred dollars.

Hiring a staff would be the next step to starting our business. The Baltimore International College has a respected culinary institute. The search for pastry chefs

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