History of the Mustang
History of the Mustang
History of the Mustang
To say you know about cars is basically saying that you know about the ford mustang. The two are hardly talked about separately. Throughout history cars have come and gone but the mustang is one of the few that has never left it has passed the test of time. The mustang isnt looked at as an exotic car, it is still put together just like every other car an assembly line. Yet it still drives into the hearts of millions and it has been doing that for 40 years and it doesnt seem to be slowing down. (Huffman)

1964, not only was this the year my mother was born it just so happens to be the year the first mustangs rolled of the assembly line. Now being that the mustang was going to be cheap power, it was engineered from the Ford Falcon. There were two body styles you could choose from a notchback coup or a convertible. It had a unibody structure that was laid over a 108in wheel base and was 181.6in long. There were many different engine options you could pick from there two V6 engines that ranged from 101 hp to 116 hp which in my mind there should have never been a V6 option. You could also go for the V8s which ranged from 164 hp to 271 hp. A three speed manual was standard, a 3 speed automatic was an option but frowned upon or 4 speed manual special edition was offered. During that year Ford sold 126,538 mustangs, 97,705 were the coups, 28,833 were convertibles the V8s out sold the V6s 3 to 1. (Huffman)

For the next couple of years the mustang was selling like hot cakes not much was changed in 1965 a 2+2 fastback body was added. Shelby had taken the first 100 fastbacks and added a 350 hp engine, took out the rear seats, added over sized front disk brakes, fiber glass hood lowered suspension, oversized tires on 15in wheels. In that year alone Ford sold 409,260 coups, 77,079 2+2 fastbacks, 73,112 convertibles thats a total of 559,451. For the 1966 model year there were only a few changes it had some color variations, revised instrument cluster, and a few trim tweaks. In this year Ford sold 607,568 mustangs, 499,751 of them were coups, 35,698 were the 2+2s, and 72,119 were the convertibles. (Huffman)

For the second generation there were some changes the length was increased to 183.6in, longer tail lights, the 2+2s roof now extend all the way to the trunk lid, and the convertibles rear window now was now made with real glass instead of plastic. The power was increased as well standard was a V6 with 120hp or 155hp. The V8s now came with an hp ranging from 200hp to 315hp. Ford sold 356,271 coups, 71,042 2+2s, and 44,808 convertibles in 1967. For 1968 the mustang got side marker lights and a revised grille. They still had the same V6s standard as the previous year but some V8s were added you could get a 195hp, 220hp, or a 230hp those were the small block engines. If you wanted to go all out you can go for the big block 7 liter engine with 335hp or 390hp but both were very rare. (Huffman)

In 1969 this model featured four head lights instead of the normal two, and the 2+2s had large nonfunctional scoops dug high into the rear fenders. For power there was the standard 200in V6 or the 250in V6. For the V8s the power ranged from 220hp all the way to 360hp which included the two 428 cubic in. cobra jet and super cobra jet. They also had a more luxurious mustang called the Grande model, and a performance models were known as Mach 1s which were the 2+2 fastbacks with either a 351, 390, 428in cubic engine. The Mach 1 is what the mustang we have today is based off of. Also in 1969 they had what was called the Boss mustang with either a 290hp or 375hp engine only 859 were made. This year ford sold only 299,824 mustangs. In 1970 Ford went back to just the two head lights, and the 351 cubic in V8s were now being made in Fords Cleveland plant which now meant they had a slightly different design. This year Ford sold 190,727 mustangs. (Huffman)

In 1971 the length of the mustang was now 187.5in and was still being built on the Falcon chassis. Only one V6 was offered this year at 145hp, the V8s ranged from 210hp to 375hp. Ford had got rid of the Boss 302 and 429 cubic engines and put a Boss 351 cubic engine in its place which made 330hp. This year Ford only sold 149,678 mustangs. Due to stricter emission laws in 1972 the V6 was put down to 98 hp and the V8s ranged from 140hp to 266hp. No more cobras or boss mustangs. Ford sold 111,015 mustangs. In 1973 they had to lower the power even more the V6 was set at 88hp and the V8s had either 135hp or just over 150hp, Ford sold 134,867 mustangs this year. (Huffman)

No one is a big fan of this next generation of mustang, it was too small, underpowered handled

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