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Foreward: I have been an XM subscriber and Investor since 2002. I first purchased a XM unit through a Delphi employee discount. I then invested in XM after I realized that I could no longer go back to normal radio. Since then I have purchased 4 more units for family and home.

XM Satellite Radio Inc., an emerging force in broadcasting, was incorporated in 1992 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. XM is publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange since October 5, 1999. XMs founding was prompted by the radio industrys first major technological change since the popularization of FM radio in the 1970s: the creation of a third broadcast medium, transmitted by satellite, now taking its place alongside AM and FM on the radio dial. One of only two companies with a license for this new national audio service, XM has assembled a “dream team” of creative radio professionals and a management team committed to leading the world into the next generation of radio. XMs 2006 lineup includes more than 160 digital channels of choice from coast to coast: the most commercial-free music channels, plus premier sports, talk, comedy, childrens and entertainment programming; and 21 channels of the most advanced traffic and weather information.

XM, the leader in satellite-delivered entertainment and data services for the automobile market through partnerships with General Motors, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan and Volkswagen/Audi, is available in more than 140 different vehicle models for 2006.

In addition to our corporate headquarters and broadcast facilities in Washington, D.C., XM has broadcast facilities in New York and NashvillXM Satellite Radio Inc. is headquartered in Washington, DC. and is a wholly owned subsidiary of XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc., which is publicly traded on NASDAQ. XM is one of two FCC licensees to deliver satellite radio programming. XM delivers its coast-to-coast, digital-quality service with more than 160 digital channels of music, news, talk, radio, sports,

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