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What exactly is a U.F.O? Where do they come from? What do they want from us? Well, a UFO is an unusual airborne object that cannot be identified, even after an expert examination. 90 Percent of these reports are either Hoaxes, Conventional objects, or some poor person going insane. The other 10 percent is considered UFO enigma. The data of the first UFO sighting is not known. Some researchers say that UFO sightings date back to ancient times. There is no evidence for this speculation, so it is just a thought.

Since 1947 there have been UFO sightings in almost every country. Sometimes there is something called a UFO wave, which for a short time UFO sighting increase rapidly in one certain area. Nobody can explain ANYTHING about these waves. Attempts to link them with hysteria, mentality and stress have all failed. A poll said that 11 percent of the American public has had an encounter with a UFO. More then 500,000 worldwide sighting reports have been computerized. A study of these reports are random and show no pattern. Witnesses cut across economic, class, race and educational lines. However, a greater percentage of these reports have come from people living in rural areas, then from people living in urban areas. The reason for this is unknown!

Sometimes these cases are said to make mechanical or electrical things to go haywire. For instance, a car stalling, a computer going haywire, a T.V. blowing up, ECT. Claims of witnessing a UFO have come from sober, reliable people. These reports, however, have to be separated from the “contactees”, who claim they have been a part of the Alien Brotherhood, who gave them UFO rides to other times and planets.

Many people and governments have studied this phenomenon. People using their own funds to figure out what exactly is occurring. These encounters could be the result of hysteria, weather balloons or booze. Maybe, there is something out there, just waiting to be found but because

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