Mathus Theory and Criticism on It
Essay Preview: Mathus Theory and Criticism on It
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Introduction to Malthus Theory:
Economist named as Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) was one of the first to argue that the worlds rate of population increase was for outrunning the development of food supplies. In his one of Essay Published in 1798, Malthus claimed that the population was growing much more rapidly than earth food supply. According to his theory population increased geometrically (1,2,3,4,5) , whereas food supply increased arithmetically (1,2,4,6,8…).

Reality of Malthus Theory:
On a global scale, conditions during the past half century have not supported Malthus theory. Even though the human population has grown at its most rapid ever, world food production has consistently grown at a faster rate. Malthus was close to the mark on food production but on other hand too much pessimistic on population growth.

Food production for the last half of the twentieth century somewhat more rapidly than Malthus predicted.
Many geographers criticize Malthus theory that population growth depletes resources. To the contrary, a larger population could stimulate economic growth and there for it will result to production of more food. Population growth could generate more customers and more ideas for improving technology. Some theorists maintain that poverty, hunger and other social welfare problems associated with lack of economic development are a result of unjust social and economic institutions, not population growth. The world possess sufficient resource to eliminate global hunger and poverty, only these resources were distributed equally.

Some of the political leaders also argue that high population growth is good for a country because more people will result in greater power. Such as an example of this is armed forces.

Demographic Transition Model:
Demographic Transition model is that explains the long term changes of birth rated and death rates in a society.
Demographic Transition:
According to this theory a nation passes through typically four stages over the time.
Stage 1:
According to the first stage both birth rates and death rates

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