Hitler V.S. Fdr
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Hitler, a man who put the fear into a whole race, nearly conquered all of Europe. Lead the German people out of a depression; rallied them together into a machine that took 3 world powers to destroy. Then there is Roosevelt, a man who was a great speaker, tried to make American feel like he was their neighbor and friend. Although these two men seen to be the opposite ends of the spectrum for leaders of world powers they have more in common than expected.

Hitler and FDR were both excellent politicians, they were able to manipulate the people to do their own whim very affectively, if in different ways. FDR tried to play the role of the common man; he wanted to make the public feel as if he was one of them. That he cared about the common man, that he had the same problems and values. He spoke so that people would be able understand him without the feeling of being talked own upon. He spoke slowly and incorporated jokes, sometimes using himself as the butt of his humor. Hitler on the other hand took a different approach, he made the people see him as a god, a person to be revered and listened to. He made the people feel that he would lead them to victory, and salvation. With his forceful speaking and violent hand gestures he held the people in awe and made the adrenaline pump, the air was charged and he was the generator.

These two men came to power in two very different ways. FDR was a little rich boy, he was born into a wealthy with a mother who made sure he went to all the good schools, and did all the right things to make him a man. He was also blessed with good looks and a good physique, it seemed as FDR would end up being a rich country land owner. With the help of his wealth and good looks he was able to win the hearts of the people and win the presidency. Hitler on the other hand was born into a poor family and had an abusive father. He had a talent for painting but was not admitted into the school of arts in Vienna. He did not have very good looks, but he did another gift, an iron tongue. A tongue that he had taught to shoot sparks and win over the hearts and minds of hundreds, soon to be millions. Power was given to Hitler because Hindenburg because of the feat that Hitler would attack and seize it.

Both great leaders died while in power and within 3 days on one another, one from a stroke and another by suicide. Although they seem like different people thy have much in common and were one of a kind. Neither man will be forgotten

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