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Declaration of War Austria-Hungary on Serbia, & Hostilities Between Allied & Cpcont
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WW IJuly28,1914, declarationofwar Austria-Hungary on Serbia,&hostilities between Allied & CPcont untl the signg of the armistice on November11,1918. Casualties land force amoun +37 mil close 10 mil death amng the civilan pop. were caused indirectly by the war. Despite worldwide hopes that the settlements arrived at after the war would restore world peace on a permanent basis, WW I actually providd the basis for even more devstting conflt. defeated Cp declared their aceptce of Pres Wilson 14 pont as the bass for the armitice &expectd the Allie to utilize the principle of the 14 pont as the foundion for the peace treatie. On the & to the subseqt peace conferences with the determton to exact from the CP the entire cost war, & to distrbte amng themsls territore posseins of the defeatd nations acordng formulas secretly 1915 -1917, before US in war. Pres Wilson, peace talk, at 1st insted that the Paris Peace Conf acept the ful progrm 14 points, but secure the support Allie all-importt 14th point, creation asocition nations, abandoed insistence some other points. *** The Reformation 16th cenmovement in WestChristdom purge church medievalabuses restore doctrines & practice reformers believed conform Bible & NewTestament model church. Explorer motivated curiosity, desire find rich, &by need find place surpluspopulations.have explored accident, other result military campaign, most explored bydesign. Colonizatn, brought by expltion, frequenty resuted further exploratn.At deph depresin 1933 American worker every 4 out job.In countries unemplt went 15%&25 & labor force.gret industral slump cont.throut 30sshakng foundtion West capitam &society baseduponit.***AGE DISCOVERY- Spain, painter during Renaissance never fully achieved modernity found north Europe & Italy, althogh

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