In the world of sales people there are always ethical decisions that have to be made. They range from telling the customer the right information or the information that they want to hear, or stealing sales from other co-workers and even to stealing money from the company by the means of fraud. Recently at ABC Cell phone provider there have been a strand of people put under investigation for fraud. Fraud is never taken lightly at any company, and that is no different at ABC. The two people under investigation at Timbuktu store were Mr. F and Mr. J. Mr. F and Mr. J were under investigation for commission fraud.

Commission fraud in the sales industry can constitute many different things. Commission fraud includes and not limited to flipping features on consumers account do the new that person will get paid instead of the original sales person, adding features on to a customers account with out their knowledge, stealing sales from co-workers, creating false churn and removing a –la-cart features to put on a combo feature. ABC pays their sales representatives commission based on the features they add to the account, and the rate plan the customer chooses. Feature flipping at ABC Cell Phone Company is when a worker will go in to an account take off a feature for no apparent reason and re add the same feature back to the account but under their commission code. Making it at the end take the payment from the previous rep and have the commission they got earlier charged back to them and the guilty sales rep gets paid for it. Sales representatives also get put under investigation for commission fraud when there is a great amount of people complaining that there were features add on to their account that they did not request. The company also believes that when a sales representative goes in and takes off a text messaging package from a customers account just to go and put on a package that had the same amount of text messages and included another feature is considered commissions fraud since they in turn are paying the sales rep a higher commission because it is a higher priced feature.

There were two separate incidents that were very similar and Mr. F was involved in one and Mr. J in the other. The incident in questions as one where a customer came in to the store and started speaking with a certain sales Rep for this incident we will name him Mr. A. The customer at that time was unable to complete the sales transaction,

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