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Of Mice and Men Comparison Essay
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In the story, there are two oddly paired men, who travel side by side and support each other with the goal of living the ideal life. In a world of loneliness and trouble, these characters, George and Lennie, find comfort within the presence of each other. Another friendship within the story is between Candy and his dog. In John Steinbeck’s novella, Of Mice and Men, the author suggests that the friendships between the two sets of individuals have parallel connections. By observing the characters’ position in society, the meaning of their relationship with one another, and the killing of their companion, we can conclude that there are similarities between the two partnerships.

Both sets of friends have their designated positions in society. George and Candy act as the supporters in the relationship. Lennie and the dog, however, are dependent upon their supporters to exist in society.

‘You know how the hands are, they just come in and get their bunk and work
a month, and then they quit and go out alone. Never seem to give a damn
about nobody. It jus’ seems kinda funny a cuckoo like him and a smart little
guy like you travelin’ together.’ (39)
Lennie is marginalized as the “cuckoo” character that is rather unintelligent and useless. George is clearly established as the man with the intelligence and the supporter of Lennie. Slim seems critical about their partnership, but does not realize the true depth of their friendship. Candy’s dog is marginalized as useless and smelly. ‘” God Awmighty, that dog stinks. Get him outa here, Candy! I don’t know nothing that stinks as bad as an old dog. You gotta get him out.”’ (44) Candy’s dog is seen

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