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Communication flow:-
In the most of the business organizations communication will flow:
In every business the communication flow by the different ways some time upwards some time downwards some time horizontal and some time diagonal.
Upwards communication:-
That type of communication which has been done from downwards towards upwards called upwards communication. In the other words the communication which has been done from the side of the subordinates of the business to towards the head (director, owner, promoter etc) of the business called upward communication.

I.e. suppose the workers request to the director of the business to increase in their salary, because of they think that they are getting less so hat communication in between the workers and the director of a company called upwards communication.

Downwards communication:-
The communication which has been done from the side of the director to towards its subordinates called downward communication it can be an order.
I.e. suppose an owner of a Garment company come to its worker and ask them they need to be the careful with the material of the product otherwise they will see a problem for themselves. So that kind of warning to workers from the side of the owner of the garment company called downward communication.

Horizontal communication:-
The communication whichs been done in between the workers or subordinates of the business or the company called horizontal communication. In the other words the communication which flow horizontally called horizontal communication.

I.e. suppose some workers of the firm talking about to improve the quality of the product the conversation in between the workers called horizontal communication.


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