Art Distortion
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Art emerged as a mean for the human being to express through their abilities their environment, their ideas, feelings and sensations either literally or using their imagination to recreate their particular vision of reality through any kind of resources.

While it is true that a work of art reflects a feeling that can be transmitted to an observer, this is a double-edged sword, since an artist can represent something that doesn’t have to be completely true and society can relate to it in such a way that it can impact their way of thinking and their point of view about one subject.

Psychological manipulation can be defined as “the exercise of undue influence through mental distortion and emotional exploitation”. This means that a person can be manipulated by the distortion of their reality or their beliefs, and since an artist has complete freedom over his work, each can represent reality according to his intention, and this can be achieved by the usage of different colors, shapes or structures that cause an impression on the observer, whether it is true or false.

It is up to the admirer of the work of art to agree and let himself be manipulated by what the piece represents or to accept that it is only the way of interpreting the reality embodied by the artist.

An example of this could be any painting made in the Mexican Revolution Movement that portraits it, since that’s the image that the painter of that time had about that moment, but it can be as true or false as we can imagine.

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