A Career in International Business
The case “A Career in International Business” discussed the importance of globalization in the current job market. The article states the significance in broadening companies by outsourcing their employees worldwide. It is believed that individuals, who are impacted not only by domestic business but business on a global scale, are much more marketable. These employees are coined expatriates, someone sent by the company from his or her own country to work in another country. Expatriates are chosen early on in their work career and trained unknowingly on how to work foreign operations.

The article further goes on to note the challenges of those working internationally and how they must change their prospective of the job by thinking differently. Also, keeping a strong networking team at home while abroad, to reinforce and stay in touch regarding domestic operations.

Although the article highlights the fantasized role of international business, it fails to incorporate the role of family life. The families are being ripped away from their way of norm to transition into a whole other culture. This type of transition can produce stress on children and spouses, which in turn strain on family life. The companies fail to realize this type of effect on their employees. In turn, they should find a resolve to alleviate some pressure on families. For example, utilizing younger employees to work abroad, or perhaps extending foreign assignments for a longer duration with intent to become permanent positions. In that case, children can be accustomed to their new way of life and be raised internationally, and spouses can find and establish jobs. These ideas could bring good fortune for both employees and employers.

Work Abroad, Get Ahead.
Work Abroad, Get Ahead, is a very interesting article that argues the need for younger employees to reach higher aspirations in the corporate arena by asking for international

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