Huck Finn
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In the eyes of many THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN is the greatest piece of American literature. Mark twain vividly describes the early 1900 in this novel. His style of writing set him apart from all other writers of his. Many people even say that Huck Finn shows a more realistic image of slavery and racism than the famous novel UNCKLE TOMS CABBEN.

With his words Mr. Twain does not just tell the reader what the character was doing or saying at the time, but he also gives them a complete image of the character in the readers mind. He started a trend of phonetically writing. This was innovative for the time, he actually spells out the words the way it is spelled so when you read his work you instantly recognize all of the characters dialects.

Mr. Twain also showed lessons in his work. While captivating his readers he would use satire to show the flaws and imperfections within society. He told the truth about the American people by showing us examples of people similar that we can relate to. This might have been the reason that the book was not published in out country. He actually went over seas to England to have this done. When it came to America it had great effects because people interpreted his work in to some thing bad, Such as racism. A very controversial topic at the time this book was written. When writing about this his intensions was to show how wrong it was but people thought he was racist. Another topic he brings up is hypocrites. In the book there is a scene where two familys. They are suppose to be good church going religious people, yet they are in a feud and end up murdering each other. This shows that people may say one thing but they might not live there life the way they should.

My final argument for saying that THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN is the greatest novel in American history is that its lessons and morals stand the test of time. Todays setting might be different but people can still

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