Are Athletes Heroes?
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Are exceptional athletes heroes
Heroics is used very broadly and can consist of many different aspects of ones= feats or achievements. While researching this topic, I have found that there are numerous ways to describe a hero. What makes a hero? I have determined in my opinion, that the word [email protected] consists of ones accomplishments, actions or service that leads to the betterment of others. From my definition of the word, exceptional athletes do have the potential to be heroes.

The word hero has been used broadly for many years. The word has found different variations of its meaning throughout a time line of history. Going back to our ancient history, the word was found primarily in literature. The word hero or heroine trails back many years ago, derived from the ancient Greeks. The Webster dictionary defines [email protected] as a Amythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or [email protected]

Where and how do we see the word hero or heroine used today? I=ve heard the word used since elementary school on the playground. Kids would praise each other as Atheir [email protected] for doing good or courageous things. We see the word used for our professional athletes today as well. Fans praise athletes for their wins, points scored, or championships won. Do these accomplishments alone allow them to uphold to the meaning of a hero? The word is used so often that I don=t believe people realize the true meaning of being defined as a hero.

I have defined the word hero in my opinion as ones accomplishments, actions or service that leads to the betterment of others. By this meaning, heroes

can be made by achieving throughout a variety of different ways, and not just athletics. It wouldn=t only be subjected to those who have accomplished such physical and athletic feats, but how those accomplishments in bettered others.

Throughout our time, people like John F. Kennedy, Muhammad Ali, and Michael Jordan would be classified as a hero by my definition. Kennedy was born into a family of wealth, but dedicated his life towards public service, benefitting others nationwide. Michael Jordan is one of the most talented athletes, but it=s beyond his talent that defines him as a hero. It is Jordan=s actions outside of the court that he has attributed. Jordan is involved with a variety of charities including the Boys & Girls Club of America, Special Olympics,UNCF/College Fund and a number of other charitable organizations that support children and families. Jordan contributes much of his time towards the youth, assisting them as individuals and athletes. His ability on the court was always backed by his actions off.

Many throughout our time can be characterized as a hero by this definition, but can exceptional athletes fit this criteria as well? My answer is that exceptional athletes can be characterized as heroes under the same heroic principles. Heroes do not consist of those who set unbreakable records or sign multi-million dollar contracts. Athletic heroes consist of those whose actions have been followed and attributed to others in a positive or benefitting way.

One prime example of heroism is Jason McElwain. McElwain doesn=t have the fame and fortune as other star athletes, but his dedication and perseverance

led him to such heroic feats. Jason McElwain suffers from autism and shares the love for basketball like many others worldwide. It took only four minutes for McElwain to go from a unknown team manager of his high school=s basketball team, into a nationwide inspiration for many. During McElwain=s first ever high school athletic experience, Jason scored twenty points, tying a school record with six three pointers (in only four minutes).

The video clip of McElwain=s performance grabbed the attention and emotions from fans all across the world. McElwain=s performance reassured the hopes and aspirations of others diagnosed with autism. AThere are thousands of Jasons out there, carrying the net for the soccer team, keeping statistics for the baseball team, playing the drum for the school band. This serves as a reminder to give these kids a chance whenever [email protected], said Dr. Catherine Lord, the director for the University of Michigan=s Autism and Communications

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