Annie Hall
Essay Preview: Annie Hall
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Kasee Buonano
Film studies
Annie Hall
Annie Hall is a very good comedy about relationships. This film stars Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. Woody Allen does a spectacular job in his role. He is hilarious and uses a variety of quirky comedy techniques. He character comes off slightly neurotic. He talks a lot and is very opinionated. You name it and he has an opinion on it. The entire movie takes part from Andys point of view. As he shows and discusses his relationship with Annie.

Woody has been involved in a few relationships before, but his primary target is Annie Hall. Their relationship is very difficult because Woody wants Annie all to himself. While she longs for other friendships outside of their relationship. He crosses the line when he starts stalking her and invading her privacy. He breaks their line of trust. If you dont trust your significant other than whats the purpose of a relationship?

One thing I didnt really understand was a couples response to Allens question. When asked how the couple manages to stay together? Their reply is ” they are shallow.” Another technique I didnt like was when Allen would talk to the camera. The characters couldnt hear what he was saying but the audience could. In my opinion, it takes away from the movie and makes it seem more scripted.

This film really pulls you in and a lot of people can relate to the film. Even though you know there relationship is doomed from the get go, your still secretly hoping they will make it work. The ending was really sad and I did not like it. Its good they can still be friends and see each other every now and then, but they no

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