Wireless Internet Security
Essay Preview: Wireless Internet Security
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Wireless Internet security is a substantial problem with which people are unfamiliar. Even though it is illegal for people to compromise networks that do not belong to them, precautions should be taken to prevent lawbreakers. Within a few minutes, wireless modems can be secured to deter most hackers and “free-riders”–people who leech off of paying customers Internet without permission.

One of the first things that should be done to secure the modem is to change the default login name and password that comes with the wireless modem. With length and variety of characters and symbols in a password, the more secure the network becomes. Leaving the user name and password at factory default allows virtually anyone to access the network on any computer and make changes to it.

Setting up the Media Access Code (MAC) address filter on the modem enhances network security. MAC addresses are unique, physical addresses assigned to computers. By setting up the MAC address filter, the only computers that will be able to access the network will be the computers that were entered in the filter.

Another measure that should be taken is configuring wireless network software to actively monitor the network. Software like this detects and records network intrusion attempts. Some of these programs will also judge the security of the network, and even make recommendations on how to further secure the network.

Due to the increasing amount of hackers and freeloaders, there is no good reason that any network should be left unsecured. All precautions should be taken to ensure a secure network. By adhering to these steps, a wireless modem can easily transition from an unsafe factory condition to an invulnerable network.

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