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Wireless ATM–an overview
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Source Mobile Networks and Applications archive
Volume 1 , Issue 3 (December 1996) table of contents
Special issue on wireless ATM
Pages: 235 – 243
Year of Publication: 1996
Authors Geert A. Awater Lucent Technologies, Utrecth, The Netherlands
Jan Kruys Lucent Technologies, The Netherlands
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers Hingham, MA, USA
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DOI Bookmark: 10.1007/BF01193258
This paper sketches the requirements and possibilities of wireless ATM in local area networks. Because of the wide range of services supported by ATM networks, ATM technology is expected to become the dominant networking technology in the mediumtermfor both public infrastructure networks and for local area networks. ATM infrastructure can support all types of services, from time-sensitive voice communications and desk-top multi-media conferencing, to bursty transaction processing and LAN traffic. Extending the ATM infrastructure with a wireless access mechanismmeets the needs of those users and customers that want a unified, end-to-end networking infrastructure with high-performance, consistent service characteristics. The paper introduces ATM concepts, discusses the requirements for wireless ATM, in particular for data link control and radio functions. It closes with some notes on development of wireless ATM research systems standardization and spectrum allocations.

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