Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
Essay title: Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
You may have come to know that Winston Churchill was the British Prime Minister, or maybe a journalist for the Morning Post, or maybe even a soldier at war, but do you know the true story behind all of the successes of Winston Churchill? Well if not, the following essay is sure to capture your attention. Winston Churchill was one of the most proficient prime ministers obtained by Great Britain (Time). He succeeded in politics, journalism, and military experiences. He accomplished all of these fateful events and beyond these expectations. He risked his life to capture fascinating stories, and has been elected into Parliament several times (NNDB). He was a man of great influence to everyone in his presence.

Winston Churchill was born on November 30,1874 in the Blenheim Palace, in
Oxfordshire, England. He was oldest of two boys, his brother being born in 1880, named John Strange Churchill. His father Lord Randolph Churchill and his mother Lady Jeanette Jerome were alive throughout Winstons childhood but were occupied in their own lives, neglecting young Winston throughout his early years (Exsands). Regularly, he was cared for by nannies and governesses. As far as his background travels, he was British on his fathers side, and American on his mothers side (Grolier), thus creating his sympathy towards both nations.

When Churchill was fourteen years old, he began attending Harrow Boarding
School for men. Here, he acquired a shy personality and speech impediment (Exsands). Due to his unwillingness to blend in with the rest of the present school body, he remained, socially, somewhat of an outcast. His father grew tired of his inadequate academic skills, and sent him off to Sand Hurst Royal Military College (Educators). At Sand Hurst, he managed to excel in every field he was placed. He studied tactics, fortifications, musketry, and military administrations. Through these military skills, he discovered a strong leader within him. Out of a class of one hundred and thirty, he finished twentieth (Exsands). Following his graduation, he was commissioned into the Fourth Hussars in 11895 (Soldier).

As a commissioner, Churchill began looking for adventures. He served in Sudan, India in 1899 at the Malakand field force. During this year, he became a correspondent during the Boer War. On his way back home to England, he was captured as a Boer. Luckily, he escaped through means of deception five months later. During his imprisonment as a Boer he became known as a national hero and an idol to many followers, which allowed him to become very well known.

With the many supporters he had gained from the time he spent as a prisoner, he ran in a by- election in Oldham in 1900. He won the election, receiving a role on Parliament (Exsands). During this time, he was elected as a Conservative. He grew upset and unsatisfied with this party and switched to join the Liberals in 1904. Winston retried the parliament in 1906 as a Liberal and in 1907 was appointed to privy councilor. Also during that time, from 1906 to 1908, he served as Secretary of State of Colonies for Home Affairs (Educators). On September 12,1908, he wedded Clementine Ogilvy Hozier, and later became the father of five children ( four girls, and one boy). He became President of Board of Trade from In1908 – 1910 (Educators). As being the

President of Board of Trade, he learned the routes of the trading ways, and in 1911, becoming the First Lord of Admiralty. He ordered a naval expedition to clear up the passage between the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmara to gain direct communication and trade with Russia. However, this attempt failed (Grolier). The failure allowed Winston to expand his goals and say, “Sometimes it is not enough to our best; we must do what is required (Virginia).”

Churchill became

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