Oil And Natural Gas
Essay Preview: Oil And Natural Gas
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Oil and Natural Gas
Nonrenewable Energy Source
Oil and Natural Gas is made from bodies of tiny sea creatures that died more than 100 million years ago (Saunders and Chapman, 7). It is found in the bottom of the ocean where mud and sand cover the creature changing into oil and natural gas. It is obtained by pulling it out of the ocean at the bottom with a machine called an oil rig. It is then turned into gasoline for later use, most likely motor vehicles. The con’s for oil and natural gas is that it takes a long time to find where the oil is and costs a lot of money to buy gasoline these days. Also, it is only found in oceans, nowhere else. The pro’s for oil and natural gas is that is a major source and is used in many ways. It is a helpful source for many people and is also a valuable source too.

Nonrenewable Energy Source
Coal is plant remains that are covered up by mud and sand. It can be mined from a tunnel or dug out from a tunnel. It can also be found in swampy areas in forests (Saunders and Chapman, 6). To make carbon from coal you burn the coal and it turns into carbon. You obtain coal from mining it out of tunnels or just digging it out of swampy areas in the forest. The con’s for coal are that it is hard to find and is rare to find. It also is a dangerous job to mine coal from a tunnel. It also takes a lot of time to search for too. The pro’s for coal are that it can be turned into many other sources by burning it and that is used in a useful way. When you mine coal too or dig it out of swampy areas in the forest, there is mainly a lot more of it in that area. Coal is also used to help start vehicles and to start cooking grills with little coal rocks that are burned to make a gas.

Renewable Energy Source
Ethanol is a clear, colorless liquid that burns very easily. It is used to make a good fuel. It is found in sugarcanes and is taken out from the sugarcanes. It is found in the inside of the sugarcanes. It is a renewable resource because it can always be grown. To obtain ethanol you ferment the sugars from the sugarcanes and are then used for later use (Saunders and Chapman, 26). You can also turn it into gasoline by mixing the sugars of the ethanol really well. The con’s for ethanol is that is only found in sugarcanes mostly. It is rarely found anywhere else. It also takes a lot of time to ferment the sugars out of the sugarcanes. The pro’s for ethanol are that it can be changed into gasoline which is used for a very valuable use. I think that ethanol is not used in America today because sugarcanes are the only thing it is found in.

Renewable Energy Source
Hydrowater is produced by huge turbines that are located inside a dam that produces electricity by falling water that spins the turbines (Stringer, 24). This spinning action makes the turbines start. It is mainly found at dams or anywhere where water falls to a surface at a fast speed. It is obtained by water spinning the turbines and making it generate hydrowater power or produce electricity. Hydrowater is renewable because it is powered by water which is everywhere. The con’s for hydrowater are that hydrowater is powered by falling water that falls at high speeds, and if the water is falling at low speeds, then it won’t produce enough electricity. That means that it is not easy to find places that have water falling at high speeds. The pro’s for hydrowater are that it is powered by water which is everywhere, so it can be done easily, although it is not easy to find the areas of high speed falling water. Another pro for hydrowater is that it can be produced into many other sources after it is generated into electricity, which is really good. I think that hydrowater is not used enough today because it is not easy to find areas with high speed falling water.

Wind Energy
Renewable Energy Source
Wind energy is generated by a wind turbine that speeds up to 50 to 2,000 watts of electricity . Many of these wind turbines are found at farms or areas of flat lands called plains. Some wind turbines are even the ocean. It is obtained by a wind turbine spinning at high speeds producing lots of wind energy (Stringer, 22). It is a renewable energy source because it can produce wind energy at any time. Wind is always available to be used. The con’s for wind energy is that it is only used by generating wind, nothing else. Another con is that these wind turbines can only generate wind in areas of flat land. They are not useful in areas of hilly lands or rocky lands. The pro’s for wind energy is that it can be produced into many things after it is produced into electricity by the wind. Electricity can be used in many ways which can be very useful to us. Another pro for wind energy is that it is produced by wind which is everywhere around us. I think that wind energy is not used enough because wind is everywhere and can be used at any time,

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