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Jim Jarmusch’s Film Dead Man (1995) is the story of a man “thrown into a world that is cruel and chaotic, his eyes are opened to the fragility that defines the realm of the living. It is as though he passes through the surface of a mirror, and emerges into a previously-unknown world that exists on the other site” (IMagazine May 2006). The main characters make their way through a surreal western America set in the 1870’s. Their journey represents life through infancy to death (IMagazine May 2006). The film is shot by Robby Muller, in a high contrast black and white. The majority of this film is shot on location and utilizes a lot of natural lighting. The film’s soundtrack is written and performed by Neil Young.

Johnny Depp stars as “William Blake” an accountant who travels west from Cleveland Ohio, to the fictional town known as “Machine”. Blake travels to Machine using the last of his money to assume a job he has been offered via a letter. Upon arrival he discovers his position has already been filled. Blake demands to see Dickinson (Robert Mitchum) the owner operator of Dickinson Metal who kicks Blake out of

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