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Advertising is a huge part of our lives. We love to shop and we need guidance. We hear and see ads in television, radio, newspapers, magazines; we can try on, taste and smell different products daily almost everywhere. The advertising companies cleverly realized that as more senses are involved the more successful an advertisement can be. This is the reason why TV ads are selling most of the products, because we can see it and hear it in the same time what the message about. Listening to the radio we just hear, reading newspapers we just see the ads. Advertisers developed a really successful way to sell products and to affect and satisfy all the senses. They make the customers base on different feelings and senses – while you are actually just using one of the sense -organs. Sellers count on shoppers memories, experiments and on different needs as well. It is not easy to get the message of an ad on a piece of paper to the target audience. The DKNY Be Delicious

perfume ad is beautifully complex because it captures all
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the senses, tells the story of success and teaches about seducing.
The DKNY Be Delicious ad arrested all my senses – while I was just using my eyes and looking at a piece of paper. By watching a picture of a beautiful half naked woman and some delicious green apples my fantasy started to work and all my memories related to apples and nakedness awoke. I could feel the divine, fresh, luscious taste of the apples. It is enough to look at the picture and you are already craving those fruits, because the taste is already in your cell memory. I could smell the fragrance of the fresh apples and the breeze in that garden.

Biting with full mouth in an apple is always a joy. The sound of the bite is pleasurable. Looking at the picture you can feel the hardness and roundness of those fruits. It is impressive the beautiful womans young and tight skin surrounded by a warm, soft sweater. Her hair is restless, she has the nature girl, wild look which feels nice and honest. For me who I could be a future buyer in a perfume shop I will definitely remember the taste, the smell, the touch, the look of this ad. That perfume, that fragrance must be delicious and divine like an apple and like that beautiful women on the picture.

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The DKNY Be Delicious ad also suggests that is not enough to be beautiful, to be successful is at least as important in the 21st century. Looking at the well composed ad we realize that in the perfume bottle the Big Apple,

New York is reflecting. New York: the city of
High-life, success and in order to take the hit you
have to put this perfume on, with other words to bite
the big apple. The city reflection shows us the Empire
State building, which is symbolizing business, trade
and money. This all can be yours if you use this perfume. New York is also well known because of the
famous nightlife. If you wrap yourself in
the mysterious fragrance of DKNY Be Delicious than you will be successful in affairs, love, you will be in the spotlight every time you go out. The city is yours, because

you are wearing the fragrance of the apples.

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