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W.L. Gore & Associates incepted in 1958 by Wilbert L. Gore and specializes in manufacturing consumer products such as Gore-Tex which a fabric is known worldwide for extreme-weather protection that keeps you dry and comfortable from head to toe by blocking wind and water

W.L. Gore & Associates, manufacturers of more than 1000 product is not like and has never been a traditionally or bureaucratic company. The founder considers hierarchical or bureaucratic organizational structure to be one that may hinders creativity and adaptation and see no need for traditional bosses. The company has a flat lattice organizational structure where work is done in self directed and self managed teams. The founder believes that innovation spurs only from collaboration among employees hence providing them with an informal arena to share their views irrespective of status difference. With this type of structure that eliminates status difference the founder believes that information sharing can be done as well productive teamwork. Gore believed also that by reducing their staff size, employees will be able to socialize more openly and get to know each other so that knowledge and idea can be shared. Ideas that are considered to be profitable by team members are then developed. Within the company there are no job titles or supervisors therefore each employee must work on project collaboratively to multitask and create a new product. Having this innovative structure has continue to result in tremendous growth and profit for the company for years.

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