Othello – the Plays Protagonist and Hero
Essay Preview: Othello – the Plays Protagonist and Hero
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ello the plays protagonist and hero.
A Christian moor and general of the armies of Venice, Othello is eloquent and physically powerful figure respected by all around him.
He is possessed a free and open nature which he ensigns from lago to twist his love for his wife Desdemona.
The daughter Venetian Senator Brabanzio
Othellos wife, a young Venetian woman of high birth and good breeding.
Desdemona is almost overly virtuous, which causes her to feel that she must defend Cassio, and speak in a public sphere when necessary.
Othellos lieutenant, though he has little field experience.
Cassio is a smooth-talking, very courteous Venetian courtier,
The opposite of Othello in many respects, which is why Othello admires him, oddly enough.
Othello is led to believe that Cassio has had an affair with Desdemona, though Cassio has only honorable intentions toward Desdemona.
Othellos ensign, and passed over for the lieutenant position in favor of Cassio. Iago is young and treacherous
He is a villain from the start, and though he cites his hurt pride over the lost promotion
He is immoral, but very perceptive, keen, and able to manipulate people into falling for the traps he sets without them being aware.
Iagos wife, and Desdemonas handmaiden.
She is entrusted with bringing people into Desdemonas presence, staying with her at all times
Emilia has no idea what her husband Iago is up to, nor of his darker qualities.
She remains loyal to Desdemona above all others, although she unwittingly plays a key part in Iagos treachery.
Desdemonas father, a senator and renowned citizen of Venice.
He is not at all pleased by Desdemonas union, and warns Othello that as Desdemona betrayed her father, she may betray her husband too.
Lusts after Desdemona, which Iago is of course aware of.

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