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I. The world of robotics includes a wide variety of robots and robotic technology.
A. Did you know that with robotics you can turn a disposable camera into a taser gun?
B. Robotics have become part of the modern age we live in and will see us far into the future.
1. Industrial Robotics
2. Government Robotics
3. Household Robotics
II. Industrial Robotics
A. High Tech Robotics
1. Relations to Government Technology
2. Uses For Medical Purposes
3. Really Small Robots
B. Mass Production
1. Auto Industry
2. Construction
3. Household Applicances
C. Assembly Lines
1. Advantages of Robots vs. Human Assembly Lines
2. Food
3. Electronics
III. Government Technology
A. Surveillence
1. Microrobotics
2. Robotic Insects
3. Microcameras
B. Warfare
1. Fully Armed Robots
2. Technoloigically Advanced Soldiers
3. Robotic Vehicles
C. Security
1. R.F.I.D.’s
2. Robotic Intruder Alert System
3. Mobile Security Robots
IV. Household Robots
A. Domestic Robots
1. Help with Chores
2. Coimputers
3. Companionship
B. Toys
1. Vintage Robots
2. Robotic Animals
3. Robosapians
C. Consumer Robots
1. Household
2. Outdoors
3. In the Neighborhood
V. Conclusion
A. This what is going to make the next century exciting.
B. I see robots becoming more advanced and bigger in all their features.
English 1
March 21, 2008
Robots: Men of the Future
The wide world of robotics includes a diverse variety of robots and technology. In fact, it is possible for anyone to create a taser gun from just a mere disposable camera. Very exciting! Just by screwing two screws into one end of the camera it can create an electric jolt between them. If someone were to boil down the variety of robots into three main categories a person would probably come up with – Industrial robotics, Government technologies, and Household robotics.

Industrial robotics can be used for manufacturing almost anything from an industrial
crane to household products. High tech robotics are something complex and/or very small. The
government is a main benefactor to robotics. It organizes and produces a significant part of the
robotics research and material. Even medicine is getting in on the action with robotic legs
instead of wheelchairs. In 2006, there was a demonstration in Tokyo of the biped robot, WL-
16RIII, as it descended a flight of stairs carrying a student. It can go up and down stairs while
it’s passenger controls its speed and direction. MIT has developed robotic powered prosthetics

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