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A good solution for Wi-Fi is a wireless network that solve more than connectivity issues. It serves as a competitive to. Today and other days having a Wi-Fi system performance is growing. This solves the capacity and coverage issues. Traditional Wi-Fi with multiple radios per access point and multiple antennas per cable drop need to change for the future and need more capacity and coverage not less and need to be faster.

A greater bandwidth and it supports more wireless devices than conventional Wi-Fi systems. It will provide better coverage and removing deed-zones and inference. This can also allow users anywhere to roam seamlessly. By using Wi-Fi network means using less cable drops and more spaces are free. This will provide the city with huge cost savings. The labor cost will be lower because high-performance uses less tech support.

“IT managers need to look at the big business upside of high-performance Wi-Fi and consider the rich applications that can drive both bottom-line savings and top-line revenue.” (Savitz, E. Pg. 2.) Nontraditional Wi-Fi with new applications will drive US to have better attract convention-scale of customers. For example:

Way-finding: Acts like a GPS it gives guests option to location information and directions to their location across their area they are in.
Dynamic Marketing: Acts like a organizers are interested in using Wi-Fi for location based marketing.
Digital Documents: Provides documentation and location information.
(Savitz, E. Pg. 2.)
Mobile Application like these gives managers good information into ways they can improve themselves.
It is not limited to corporate clients. Any can benefit from a strong Wi-Fi system. This provides the best roaming experience across US as soon as they moment they arrive. Guest will use applications all of their needs. Way-finding will be used to locate where they are located.

“Strong Wi-Fi series is now high on the JD Powers list of customer wants, in part because it promises to become a powerful competitive differentiator for attracting, group clients. Ultimately, we expect that event organizers will not strike deals with venues that cannot solve their wireless challenges. While the size of the exhibit space and the number of rooms available at a venue are still

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