Harmony Case
School reorganization: If I could change harmony, I bet that students in harmony would be a bit happier and more. First I would change the elective course that we have; we should have more option; more class to choose for then having only 4. Second we need more space. The hallways are crowed, it seems like the highway in new deli which is pack with cars. We need a bigger gym like the one in Houston. More classrooms and etc. 3rd we need better cafeteria food. Like trinity I hear my brother talk every time how trinity food is good, and how it is well cooked. Unlike us we have to eat cool food that does not even taste good. Also when they give us our food sometimes they mix the food together. So it feels like we are animals and they don’t have respected for us. Fourth the events that we held like science fair and harmony around the world needs to be more professional, more organized. For example the science fair recently in the middle of the award ceremony almost ½ of the crowed left. And some of the kids who won the award did not received there awards. Also the accident that happen with the experiment where the table and the floor got on fire. I should not have happen if we have students and teachers understand that if they do sill things like that students life can be it risk, you don’t know if that fire could exposed and the whole school could burned up. Whatever I am not going deep on this. the sixth idea is not from my opinion is my brother .he said that harmony needs more teacher that speak English clearly. For number one I kind of agree because 6th and 7th grade math teacher was horrible, I had i to correct him, because he did understand the question. So if a teacher does not understand English then how can he teach? Number 2 I believe it is not only my brother and I think this way. Wow that is lots of cons about our school. Therefore I will add a little cons. My first con is that having small proportions of student in each grade section is good because

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