Elg & Robinsons Store Case Study
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Elg & Robinsons store started in year 2009 when two professional butchers, Philip Elg and peter Robinson linked partnership and established Elg & Robinsons store. Their concept was amazing and unique. Elg & Robinson improved butchers shop and the perspective of people are changed about butchers because Elg & Robinsons shops more different than those ordinary traditional butchers shops in Australia, for example there are butchers shops just providing standard cuts of meats and poultry, they also sell wine, small goods, fish, sea food and even spices. The location of Elg & Robinson store is located in Williamstown and is obverse of the only one supermarket, named Coles supermarket. The whole sales of their products are increasing each year as it has been increasing the orders among the customers. Their strategies of marketing are boosting various products for customers, suitable price, strategic location and also helps to understand the customers requirements. In this research we will discuss about the following:

The marketing target of Elg & Robinsons store.
The promotional materials that are used in Elg & Robinsons store.
Another term that could be used to replace the term fresh food specialist and butcher.
Target market for Elg & Robinson:
The target market for Elg & Robinsons is double income professionals that achieve both their family as well as their career. Rich customers always prefer more on the quality of product than cheaper price. Their concept focused on ensuring that their products are high quality and fresh. This helps to create a satisfactory among their customers and encourage new sales.

New product (Developing flavor & texture of new meat product)
Product development is done by using whole experience and supplier knowledge to improve texture, flavor and appearance. On the other hands increase yields and decrease costs that will be suitable for customers requirements. To produce new and high quality product we have to focus on how to optimize and improve ingredient formulations for coarse ground sausage and marinated poultry. The most important section of the development process is obvious understanding and excellent communication with users to know what the last desires of users in the finished product. For example, a company may provide product to a retail grocer or club store that is requesting a clean label product. Collect data about products quality, shelf-life, sensory quality and costs must be clearly communicated to the customer and suitable for them. Many times the production cost will be increase, and the product quality and shelf-life may often be minimized.

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