Whole Foods Strategic Marketing
Essay Preview: Whole Foods Strategic Marketing
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Date: September 22, 2014To:  Mr. RobbFrom: Joseph PustizziRE: Strategic MarketingThe marketing concepts that are implemented by Whole Foods have been well thought out and executed. While strongly following the LOHAS consumer trend, the company has flourished without any major threats into their marketing concepts and ideas. The customers are being described as “the most important stakeholders in our business and the lifeblood of our business.” The relationship between consumer and Whole Foods is one where the consumer is always going to be in the driver’s seat, without the consumer/customer Whole Foods market would be unable to provide the grade A service that it has been offering since its inception in 1978. A strong consumer with a loud voice is one that Whole Foods prides itself on serving. Whole Foods has been the foremost pioneer in providing a “greener” shopping experience than say if a customer were to frequent another market. What Whole Foods offers in relationship to becoming “greener” and enhancing the community is:Being the first retailer to offset their energy use by 100% with wind energy creditsCompany wide recycling programsImplementing paperless ordering systems to reduce wasteBuying from local growers/merchants not only boasts the store’s image but also allows for the local farmers to reap the benefits of another buyer. Where Whole Foods is able to excel is by presenting a story behind each product that is available to the consumer. Along with an end comes a journey, so Whole Foods would like the voices of those who supplied the produce/goods to tell of where they’re from and how the product came to fruition. The competition is unable to keep up with the customer service values and the sense of communal giving that has created the flourishing juggernaut that is the Whole Foods brand.

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