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Journal Week 9: Red and White Hat Thinking
So we were asked to conduct an activity as a group titled the Desert island Menu this activity required us to decided first of all individually 3 types of food you would rather have stocked for the year if you were stranded on an island. I initially choose to have brown rice, canned tuna in spring water and dried seaweed. And the first instant approaching the problem I found myself Using the white hat approach, I will explain this my telling you why I have individually chosen these three food items. First of all I choose rice over bread and pasta because brown rice is a very good source of carbohydrates and fiber as well compared first of all towards bread is the storing factor considering rice is a dry good it will naturally have a longer live span then bread which will eventually go bad as it has a shorter shelf life then rice, bread will either go dry or moldy. Now comparing brown rice and pasta, both food items are dry and generally have the same shelf life but pasta would require a larger amount of water to cook which would naturally be a scarce item in the desert thats why I would rather have brown rice stocked up over pasta and bread. The next item I have selected would be canned tuna in spring water, I specifically choose this item because of its high protein content, zinc and omega 3 content which will be a beneficial aid towards our nutritional levels while stranded in the desert as we would have not many good sources to get nutrition from, plus it very easy to eat as its ready to go and there is really no need to use up the scarce condiments we have with us allowing us to stretch it out and last but not least is the dried seaweed I choose this food item because it has a very long shelve life and is also very healthy, dried seaweed will expand once eaten making you fell full easily and it goes well with both rice and tuna (sort of Japanese style dish). I strongly believe that in my decision I made selecting the food items I was seen using the white hat as all my decisions were made based on a logical and situational aspect.

As for a Problem I have experienced recently experienced, I was in a situation where I was decided to get a dog, at this situation I would have to say I used the red hat, this is because logically it would illogical for me because I work full time, study full time and on top of that I live in a tiny studio apartment in Toorak which means I am surrounded with a considerable amount of older tenants which do not and will not tolerate the slightest amount of whatever is considered disruptive noise to them which is everything, especially if you are under 30 and living in an area such as this. Anyway I really love my dog and cherish him but it is such a burden, because I was so occupied with work and school. The main problem in this situation was giving him the required exercise which is a 30 min walk daily and reduction of noise he made when I was a way. So I decided (in this occasion using the White hat) to solve this by forcing myself and waking up earlier just so I can take him for walks in the morning which is a tick for I have successfully been doing it. The solution for the noise caused by him was to taking him to obedience school, this cost me but avoided the risk of me hearing the old tenants telling me I am not fit to live in this society cause I am ignorant. As for the outcome I was very happy that my dog got his exercise but he still makes barks occasionally whenever he feels bored (dissatisfaction of the solution). As for getting the initially I was definitely seen using the red hat but as for solving the problem caused by owning the dog as well as with the activity Desert island menu I was definitely using the white hat as I would usually do when engaged with such problems. The white hat is always the choice I would go for when solving problems because logically solving problems usually works out better in the long run

If hypothetically I faced a problem a work where a customer sends back a coffee saying it is needs to be hotter I (using red hat) would then carry on by heating up till its a 100 degrees so when the customer drinks it he or she will burn their lips or (using the white hat ) apologies to the customer and find how much more hotter she or he would like the coffee so they can enjoy their beverage. In this situation I will surely go with the white hat approach as it would be a more appropriate outcome for both parties.

If hypothetically I was in a situation where it is my girlfriends birthday and I am working on a Saturday night which is the busiest night from the restaurant I work at and asks me to take the night off which would require me to either call in

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