Wheel Chair Tennis
Wheel Chair Tennis
1. Wheel chair tennis
2. Hearing impaired
3. Learning disabilities
Wheelchair tennis wont come easy to a new comer but with practice you can only get better. I would rate wheelchair tennis not a 1 or 2 (easy) because its hard to do two things at once. Positioning yourself in a wheelchair to hit a tennis ball before it bounces twice can be difficult. I would rate this activity a 3 due to having tennis skill and wheelchair handling capability. Wheelchair tennis is for every level but to have the basics of moving around the court and learn how to hit different types of shots with a tennis racquet can be challenging.

Wheelchair tennis started in 1976, when Brad Parks introduced the potential of this new sport. Since 1976, wheelchair tennis has been the fastest growing and one of the most challenging and exciting of all wheelchair sports. It has provided opportunities for many disabled people to enjoy competitive tennis, as well as sharing experiences with both able-bodied and disabled friends of all age groups.

A little over a decade later since it was first introduced, with its fast growth and popularity, the IWTF (international wheelchair tennis federation) formed in 1988. The new sport grew throughout the country and even overseas. As fast as the sport grew one of the major problems was lack of equipment. Over the year, many players have donated their old wheelchairs to new and developing countries to help them start a wheelchair program. Wheelchair tennis has the same rules as a regular tennis game, except the only rule difference is the ball can bounce 2 times instead of once.

The Mission statement for Wheelchair Tennis:
The ITF is the international governing body for tennis, including wheelchair tennis. It aims to provide, promote and develop opportunities for men, women and children with

disabilities to participate in recreational and competitive wheelchair tennis at all levels from novice to the professional player. As the governing body of tennis, the ITF provides a leading role in the administration of wheelchair tennis. The ITF aims to ensure that a fair and equal opportunity is provided for all those entitled to play under its eligibility rules and that the Rules of Wheelchair Tennis are implemented according to the standards expected of an international body. The ITF aims to work together with National Tennis Federations, National Disabled Sports Organizations and National Wheelchair Tennis Organizations to provide opportunities for all involved in wheelchair tennis and to encourage integration with able-bodied tennis whenever possible. The ITF will, through a range of events and initiatives, ensure that wheelchair tennis is seen as a “world class” sport and as such recognizes its World Champions alongside their peers. The ITF aims to work together with the Paralympic movement to ensure that wheelchair tennis is a part of Paralympic Games every four years. The ITF aims to provide an international Tour which will result in a year-end Masters event in singles and doubles for the top 8 players or teams as a showcase event for the sport. The ITF aims to provide an annual team competition, the World Team Cup, for Nations to compete at the highest level and to determine the team champions within wheelchair tennis.

The International Tennis Federation is the organization that runs 198 National Associations, including wheelchair tennis. The ITF is responsible for the rules of tennis, including the technical specifications for courts and equipment. They offer tournaments all around the world for different abilities and ages. A serious player who wants to get improve his game can get a coach through the ITF.

Tennis clubs around the world offer wheelchair tennis programs. A tennis club in Atlanta Georgia, is the ALTA Foundation, which provides free wheelchair instructional clinics for children in the spring and fall. They make it possible for coaching and tournament travel support to the ALTA Foundation Traveling Wheelchair Tennis Team, Atlantas premier wheelchair players. Wheelchair Tennis in Georgia highlights the achievements of ALTA physically challenged athletes. The ALTA Foundation purchases special sports chairs allowing disabled persons the opportunity to play competitive tennis. There are tennis clubs like this all over the world.

In a Wheelchair organization they want to ensure the players are having a fun time. For a recreational wheel chair tennis player, you can play with other wheelchair players at your ability level. The only cost is for this type of player is a racquet a can of balls and wheelchair, which the

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