Give Peace a Chance
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Give Peace a Chance
Nanking is a sad city. Long time ago, I was told that Nanking was unlucky since it has suffered too much pain. The Nanking massacre created a huge graveyard. In the modern China history, I believe that the portion of Nanking goes deep into every Chinese heart. Our text book doesnt provide too much information about this atrocity. What we have remembered is just the number of death is 300,000 in Nanking massacre. Admittedly, the statistic is significant to measure how terrible the massacre was. However, do we really have a deep understanding of what weve learned from this massacre? Its a matter of humanistic introspection.

When Nanking fell, the world closed its eyes. With the carry out of appeasement policy, the Western Power sacrificed the weak countries profit to ensure their common interest. At that time, China was on the way of communist movement. The western countries indulged Japan to revolt China. When the news of Nanking massacre was spread, the western powers claimed that its fake. In my opinion, even they knew this was true, the western powers didnt want to assist China since there was no profit earned if they did. Also, China was not on their sides. With the same logic, the United Nations didnt have the capacity to deal with these conflicts. The United Nations was controlled by those Western powers that the United Nations is just a tool of the big powers. The jungle law is the only law at that time.

The documentary Nanking uses third party view to make history alive. All the journals and diaries are from foreigners involved with the International Safety Zone, which makes the film vivid and overwhelming. It also interviews the Chinese survivors and Japanese soldiers. When I watched it, I thought what I should do if I was in Nanking on December 1937. Theres no answer because its dare to imagine. At that period of time, Germany and Japan are allies. Nevertheless, theres a Nazi called John Rabe who created the largest safe zone in Nanking. Its reported that he saved at least 200,000 Chinese. Basically, the world has no responsibility to the refugees. Its Chinese governments duty. Johns behavior flashed a brilliant humanitarian spirit. On the other hand, the Japanese advocate the spirit of Bushido that sword is the symbol of courageous and prestige. Bushido is the consciousness of death. This mode of thinking combined with expansion policy, the outcome is sadist and masochism. The characteristic of sadist is Japanese invade and slaughter people in other countries. The characteristic of masochism is broken stomach suicide when they failed.

May be we should not tell how horrible the Japanese is, because the intrinsic factor is the Chinese weak root. If Chinese government could rise up against the enemy, the result might be better. Some of the Chinese chosen to be traitors when facing

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