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Im a twenty-six year old Mother of three who lives in a small rural town in West Virginia, the job opportunities and the economy make for a very challenging place to raise a family. Making the decision to obtain a secondary education was an easy decision. It would benefit my family greatly. However, once I made my decision there have been a lot of obstacles Ive had to face, but looking forward to the rewards keeps me focused and on track.

The chance of finding a job that pays above minimum wage in this state is slim to none without a degree. At $7.25 an hour in a family of five having a comfortable lifestyle is very challenging. I want to not only provide for my family, but make sure they have a better life than what I can provide at a minimum wage job. My family was my main focus for furthering my education.

According to higheredinfo.org (ipeds, 2009) West Virginia ranks forty-fourth for graduation rates of students pursuing a bachelors degree. In my opinion this is because many colleges and universities in this area are not designed for success. I attended a local private college for about a year when it lost its accreditation due to such a small graduation rate as well as not meeting required standards. Another challenge I also face is being a Mother and finding time in my busy schedule for an educational agenda.

It was important for me to find an online university like Ashford University where there are instructors available when needed, as well as goals set that help greatly with motivation. Another reason I chose Ashford is because it gives me the freedom of time to take care of my parental responsibilities and still find time at the end of the day to meet my assignments.

I look forward to the day that I graduate. First and foremost because of the amount of pride I will feel in my accomplishment, also because I will have the opportunity to find myself in a gainful career. I can then better provide for my family, and enjoy a better lifestyle than what I could have without an educational degree. I look forward to helping people with my degree in Early Childhood Education, especially children and their families.

While I know obtaining my degree will not be an easy task, it is a very important task in my life. There will be many challenges on the road ahead. I will take each challenge and work strategically towards my goal. Every step I take is a step forward in my educational journey. It is an opportunity to feel proud of myself, to offer a better life for my family, to offer help to those in my community. It is a privilege that I am honored to have and I do not intend to abuse it. I intend to embrace it and give it my best so that I can one day be proud of my accomplishment.

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