Obesity in the United States
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In America today we have many different things to worry about from Aides to
drugs, but what if I told you that there was an epidemic going around in America that has
killed more then 300,00 people a year (tuberose,1). An epidemic so strong that over
the past 20 years there has been a dramatic increase in the United States? (Nutrition,1).
How would you feel if I told you this very epidemic was in your house now? America is
at war right now and we are losing , this war started many years ago and has not yet
been won. Every year we lose many of our beloved ones to this monster , what can we
do? Obesity, the new green eyed monster, and has taken over America and nothing has
been done. Americans are heaviest people in the world we have been the heaviest
since , the 1950s. With our growing wealth and appetites we eat way more than three
meals a day, which in some countries is a whole weeks worth of food. “In 1996, a U.S.
Department of Agriculture study revealed that at least 33 percent of all adults in the
United States were overweight; that number increased to 61 percent of adults and 13
percent of children in 1999 according to the Surgeon General. In late 2001, the Surgeon
General’s report said 27 percent of Americans are obese and 61 percent are
overweight.” ( Tuberose,3)
Scientists have found there are four main components working against us in this battle of
the bulge, The media, our eating habits, lack of exercise, and our own individual
In today’s society it seems that everywhere you look you are always being
pressured into trying to make yourself better, there are signs every where you look
telling you that your not pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough, or that anything you
have is not good enough. All this pressure that the media puts on people causes a low
self-esteem (Tuberose,6). When people are stressed out or have a low self-esteem
they produce a hormone called insulin, which increases the lipid intake causing people
to gain weight in their midsection and buttocks, the two most dangerous storage areas.
(Susan G. Berg page 12). Not only does the media tell you that you are worth less they
try to fool you into thinking that you might not be so worthless if you bought some of
their products for example, diets pills. Most diets pills are dehydrators, they make you
think you are losing weight when in reality you are only losing water. In 1999 a study
was done to determine if diet pills really helped weight loss, in this study four leading
brand name weigh loss pills where used, they tested 100 males and 100 females, who
did not change their eating habits or exercising habits, and found that every participate
loss a fair amount of weight but when taken off the pill every participant either gained all
of their weigh back or more. (Aliha Bauman, page 12-13). Since the invention of
television the routine of exercise has decreased and the waist lines of Americans has
increased. Americans spend more time in front of the television watching commercial
after commercial, which displays images of food. Studies have shown that while watching
television most people tend to think they are hunger even after they had just ate dinner.
Not only does television rise your calorie intake it also deprives you from getting the
exercise you need. An average person need to walk at least a mile everyday to say

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