The Need of one Week Holiday for Three Main Festivals
Essay Preview: The Need of one Week Holiday for Three Main Festivals
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[pic 1]        GLT1011 Technical Writing Skill in EnglishSemester 2, Session 2017/2018The Need Of One Week Holiday For Three Main FestivalsTitle: Proposal ReportTeaching Group: Group 11Lecturer’s Name: Encik Mohamed Iskandar Bin Rahmad SukorStudents’ Name: Cheo Shi Ying (KIL160009)                             Chia Yong Chew (KIL160010)                             Choong Pui Kar (KIL160012)                             Jennifer Cheah Zhi Yee (KIL160023)Date of Submission: 18th May 2018PROPOSAL FOR THE NEED OF ONE WEEK HOLIDAY FOR THREE MAIN FESTIVALSUNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS IN UNIVERSITY OF MALAYAPrepared forMadam Noorihan binti Ali Yusoff, Head of Admission and Record SectionDivision of AcademicUniversity of MalayaPrepared byCheo Shi YingChia Yong ChewChoong Pui KarJennifer Cheah Zhi YeeMay 18, 2018EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe problem of insufficient holidays given during the three main festivals has been an issue among UM students. According to the evidence from our research, most of the UM students claimed that they are unable to celebrate their festival with their family due to short period of holidays given. This phenomenon greatly affects the relationship between them with their family members and the tradition culture will be gradually forgotten due to the lack of practices.This problem can be fixed by giving one week holidays during the three main festivals with e-learning week to ensure that the students will be having sufficient holidays to celebrate festivals and to spend time with their beloved families.There is no costing needed for this proposed solution. In fact, solving this problem will enable the UM students to strengthen the bonding among their family members and to celebrate the traditions inherited by our ancestors.TABLE OF CONTENTSPageEXECUTIVE SUMMARY1.0 INTRODUCTION1.1 Problem        11.2 Solution        11.3 Objective        11.4 Background        21.5 Data Sources        41.6 Scope and Limitations        42.0 DISCUSSION2.1 Methods        52.2 Scheduling        62.3 Cost        73.0 CONCLUSION        84.0 GLOSSARY        95.0 WORK CITED        10        APPENDIX: Questionnaire        11        LIST OF ILLUSTRATION        Figure 1: Expectation Of holiday duration for festival celebration.        2Figure 2: Satisfactory Of holiday duration arranged by Student Welfare.        3

Figure 3: Solutions prefer To lengthen the holidays for festival celebration.        3Figure 4: Academic Calendar for 2018/2019 session.        5Table 1: Schedule for whole progress.        61.0 INTRODUCTIONProblemThe holidays given during the three main festivals which are Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year and Deepavali are insufficient for the students in UM. For example, during the Deepavali 2017, the festival celebrated by the Indians fell on 18 October 2017 which was week 6 in the academic calendar 2017/2018. This has caused some issues to the Indian students as they were unable to celebrate their festival due to only two days of holidays given. Instead, they needed to complete the assignments and to prepare for the test as well. Same goes to the Chinese Students, the holidays given are 4 days included Chinese New Year Eve. For Malay students, Hari Raya will be shifted earlier than the previous year. Consequently, the Hari Raya will be approximated to fall on the lecture week. If only few days of holiday are given to the Malay students, it will arise a lot of problems which will be discussed later. The worst case is that most of the students will choose to skip class as they need to go back hometown earlier to avoid traffic jam. Therefore, to be fair to all ethnic students, there is the need of one-week holiday for three main festivals in Malaysia.SolutionIt is without a shadow of a doubt that one of the main procedures in curbing this ever-growing issue is by none other than increasing all holidays related to festive seasons to one week. It may seem like a funny response however this is the most direct step and option we have to achieve the best of all worlds. The time period of one weeks is set according to the response of the respondents we surveyed and hence one week seems to be the most appropriate length of time which will satisfy the needs of our fellow students. This may seem to be like a very drastic approach but it is guaranteed to make an impact. However, there are still many other solutions such as conducting e-learning week and voiding study week.

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