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The website of Harley Davidson gave us a new concept of Motorcycles! The extension of this website is exceptional. The virtual Customer Service in this website is notorious and extremely helpful. From other motorcycles websites this is one of the most professionals ones where the customer can get a flavor of the company from products up to their businesses profits and othersHarley Davidson publishes material related to all aspects of their motorcycles and provides to their own and the general public good information, expanding their products and other services with local information for countries around the world. Their information and technology, including digital libraries, metadata, authorization and authentication, electronic journals and electronic publishing, telecommunications, distributed systems and networks, computer security and intellectual property rights, technical standards, geographic information systems, desktop applications, online catalogs and bibliographic systems, optical information systems, software engineering, universal access to technology, futuristic forecasting, library consortia, vendor relations, and technology and the arts.

“Put your ass on some class,” reads one (not necessarily official) Harley-Davidson T-shirt that I saw in some of the pictures while I e-shopping on EBay!. I want to show with my presentation a little taste of harley’s communication systems with the public, their investment in Media is amazing and the strategies used are well combined with today’s technology of advertising and marketing directed to all customer around the world.

Harley-Davidson is the only major US maker of motorcycles and the worlds No.1 seller of heavyweight motorcycles. The company offers 32 models of touring and custom Harleys through a worldwide network of more than 1,300 dealers. Harley models include the Electra Glide, the Sportster, and the Fat Boy. Besides its bikes, Harley-Davidson sells attitude and position — goods licensed with the company name include a line of clothing and accessories (Motor Clothes). The company also makes motorcycles under the Buell nameplate. Harley-Davidson Financial Services offers financing to dealers and consumers in the US, Canada and European market.

Harley-Davidson Inc. People:
Chairman & Chief Executive – Jeffrey L. Bleustein
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer – James L. Ziemer
Vice President & Treasurer – James M. Brostowitz
Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel – Gail A. Lione
Started as a partnership between a draftsman and a pattern maker in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903. William Harley and Arthur Davidson intrigued by the newly invented motorcycles began experimenting with ideas to design and build their own motorcycle. They enlisted Arthurs brothers, Walter a skilled mechanic and William a machinist who gave live to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. That early partnership has evolved into a family of millions of Harley-Davidson, Inc. stakeholders throughout the world.

The Motorcycles and Related Products segment was responsible for virtually all of the change in consolidated revenue as the result of increases in both motorcycle unit shipments and Parts and Accessories sales. Year end data indicate that the domestic motorcycle market continued to grow throughout 1993 and demand for the companys motorcycles continues to exceed supply. International demand remains strong with export revenues totaling $262.8 million during 1993, an increase of approximately $23.4 million over 1992. The Board of Directors approved a comprehensive manufacturing strategy designed to achieve the goal of a 100,000 units per year production rate in 1996. Basically, it is an enhancement of the Motorcycle divisions ability to increase capacity, adjust to changes in the marketplace and improve quality while reducing costs. The company anticipates funding all capital expenditures with internally generated funds.

In commitments and contingencies the company stipulates that they are involved with government agencies in various environmental matters, including a matter involving soil and groundwater contamination at its York, Pennsylvania facility. The facility was formerly used by the U.S. Navy and AMF, so they are all involved in cost recovery litigation surrounding the remediation of the companys manufacturing facility. The company currently estimates that

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