Students Who Wear Uniforms Benefit More
Students Who Wear Uniforms Benefit More
Students Who Wear Uniforms Benefit More
Than Students at Schools without Such Codes
School uniforms are used in many schools to provide an atmosphere of uniformity among the students. Wearing school uniforms also makes the atmosphere more businesslike by giving a better approach to learning. The uniforms give fewer distractions, and save a lot of money for parents.

Wearing uniforms provides equality among students by “eliminating class distinctions and placing the poor on equal footing with the rich” (Bodine 3). There is less teasing and students are apt to be more acceptable of fellow classmates. When students are less distracted by unimportant issues they are more focused in the classroom.

Some parents argue that wearing uniforms is a direct violation of students’ First Amendment right of free speech. They find that the requirement of uniforms does not allow the students to have freedom of expression. However, according to the general counsel of the National Association of Secondary School Principals, “clothing requirements are not considered a violation of their freedom of expression if there is a valid educational reason for imposing them” (Daugherty 390).

As a child I was required to wear uniforms and I was still able to “express” myself. I did not see wearing uniforms as a form of punishment but as a rule that we as students all respected.

As a result, my experience in school was much more enjoyable. Not only wearing uniforms were beneficial in the classroom, but it taught us that appearance is important especially when we would begin our careers. You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Students who wear uniforms are also preparing for the business world whether they realize it or not. “The dress code is part of a larger set of standards designed to encourage professionalism and intended to prepare students for the real world of business after graduation” (Guess 3). It also provides the student with academic pride. Students who wear uniforms take their education more seriously. Uniforms also made it easy to dress each day. There was no guessing on what to wear or stressing over it if it is fashionable

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