Watson Theory of Human Caring
Essay Preview: Watson Theory of Human Caring
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Watson theory of Human Caring
Cynthia Nelson
NUR 403
November 28, 2011
Candace Cane
Watson theory of Human Caring
Jean Watson the founder of the Watson Theory of Caring was born in Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia in the 1940s. She graduated from the Lewis Gale School of Nursing in 1961.After receiving her first Bachelor of Science degree in nursing she went on to study at the masters level and did earn her doctorial degree in educational psychology and counseling in 1973. She wrote her first book in 2008 The Philosophy and Science of Caring which addresses how nurses should express care to their patients. Watson believed that caring is the single most important aspect in the practice of nursing. (Alligood, 2010) The simple act of caring in combination with medical intervention is the combination to good nurse practice according to the Watson Theory. She like many others believed that the holistic approach to nursing is the best way to show and provide caring to a patient. For Watson caring is not something that is passed from generation to generation or person to person, but it originated with the nurse and then passed to the patient and on to the society. However it starts with the compassion and the caring of the nurse. The nursing profession is therefore the founders and the instigators of caring and the patient that the nurse come in contact with learn true caring and pass it on to the society. According to the theory, caring environments accepts a person regardless of life style and embrace the person for their potential and not their current situation. (Watson, 2011) Caring can be demonstrated and practiced by the nurse and it promotes growth and healing in the patient.

Jean Watson a registered nurse and Doctor of Philosophy introduced the concept of “caring science” as a theoretical discipline. Her theory of human caring not only has scientific emotional dimension but also and spiritual dimension. According Watson caring can be demonstrated effectively only interpersonally. It consists of carative factors that result in the satisfaction of various human needs. When effective caring is give it promotes health and individual growth as well as family growth in various situations. (Watson & Foster, 2009) The concept of caring is to accept a person as they are and by providing the caring environment the patient is able to choose the best life and action for themselves. Through this concept the patient become a productive individual with adequate coping skills and caring. The concept of caring is complementary to the science of curing and the practice of caring is central to nursing.

Watson theory in relation to the four major concept of life which is person, health, environment and nursing is base sole on caring as a science. The human being is by far the most valued being there is and as such it must be treated with caring. In Watson theory the person is thought of as valued individual to be cared for respected and nurtured. The nurse must assist and understand the individual in order to provide effective caring. The nurse must provide such caring to the human being that it will allow the human to fully function as a person. The philosophical view of a person as a fully functional integrated self. The human is view as greater than and different from the sum of it whole. For Watson the human health is not only physical but also social and mental. The concept of a person health according to Watson is the well rounded individual who can function physically, mentally and in social functions this is true health. By providing effective caring the person is well balanced and able to adapt to daily functioning with the absence of illness. (Lichtenstein, 2011) In relation to the environment, the Watson concept suggests that caring is an attitude that is passed through generations but it is initiated with the nursing profession as a way to cope with the environmental changes and issues that the individual encounter. According to Watson nursing and caring has existed and continue to exist in every society and it is the attitude of the profession that is bringing about change in society. Nursing is focused on the promotion of health, caring for the ill, prevention of illness and the restoring of health and prevention of diseases. She defines nursing as a human science of person, health illness experiences, that are mediated by professional, personal, scientific and ethical human transactions. She believes in holistic care as the central practice of nursing. (Right, 2008)

Watsons approach to the nursing process is the same as the scientific research process. They both attempt to solve a problem and provide framework for the decision making. The assessment phase of the process involves observation identification and the formulation of a hypothesis. Next in the nursing process is the plan phase. This is where the nurse decide how to examine the data that should be collected and how to collect it. This phase is directed according to the variables that were determined in the assessment phase. During the intervention phase of the process the nurse direct her action and implementation of the plan and collect the data that she need to prove her theory. The last phase is the evaluation part of the nursing plan. Here the nurse analysis and examine the effects of the interventions based on the data that was achieved. The nurse interpretation the result weather good or bad and if necessary formulate another hypothesis depending on the outcome of the process. This theory creates a generalized framework for nursing that can be applied to different situations and patients. The patient as a whole is the sole focus of the practice and not the technology. (Right, 2008)

The Watson theories consist of ten carative factors. The first three forming humanistic-altruistic value system, installing faith and hope and cultivating sensitivity to self and others form the “philosophical foundation of the theory. The next seven the development

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