The Beautifull Day
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The day was beautiful, the sky was light blue and the day could not be any better then it already was. I never thought at the time that such a beautiful day could turn into the day that I would have to fight for my life, and the things I love most in life. I never thought I could push myself to the extreme and live to tell about it.

I woke up looked out my window and a warm feeling came over me, because this was the best day I had seen in for a while and the first thing that came to my mind was canoeing, the thing I love to do most with my free time. So I went down to the shop and got my canoe out, with my life vest , I didnt pack very much I brought a water bottle and a sandwich because I had to be back in time for my dads birth day, latter that night. So I pack my things up in the pick up and went on my way to the falls.

Once I arrived at the falls I could tell that the rapids where much faster then they had before but I didnt think much of it I knew that I was an experienced canoeist. I put the canoe in the water and put my life vest on and headed down river, there is nothing better than being surrounded by trees and all that Mother Nature provides. As I was going down stream I looked right up into the sky and could see that some big dark clouds where moving in after seeing them, I felt this emptiness in me and I didnt like it at all. Alls I wanted then is to get home as soon as I could, I could not turn back around I was already 2 hours down river and the rapids where picking up, I still hat at least 3 to 4 hours left tell I got to the beach where the river came to and end and I only went down this river two times before this one.

I found myself flinching I looked up and saw millions of little rain drops falling down on me, I could also feel the wind pick up, it stung my face, it felt like a bunch of little needles stabbing my face. I knew right then that this was not going to be good, I could also feel the ragging river under me moving even faster then it has ever gone before. I knew right then I was stuck in a typhoon that was coming off from the beach. I didnt know what to do at the time but my survival in stink took over and I just keep telling myself dont let the canoe flip so I paddle as hard as I could but as I was doing so a huge rock had come out of nowhere and I slammed right into it, I could feel water on my legs which let me knew that there was I hole in my canoe and knew I had to ditch my canoe and found myself swimming for my life, all I knew next, I felt pain I had never felt in my entire life in my leg, I didnt have time to worry about my leg I had to find some way to get out of this ragging river. As I was trying to do so I saw this huge rock in the middle of the like, there was no other way out of the river so I swam with all my strength and made it to the rock.

Once on the rock I knew my leg was broke, as I was sitting there I thought

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